Monday, January 31, 2011

Award from JennyD



Jenny, I finally went and ‘grabbed’ it. Just copied and pasted onto here. You took a lot of effort to pass this around and help us all learn to know one another better, so I couldn’t let you down. Now I’m sure no one can tell that I’ve been putting off doing this.

Seven things about me:

I’m the oldest of 5 children…have 3 sisters and 1 brother.

I grew up near a border town (Ohio/Indiana). Was born in Indiana (hospital on Indiana side of state line). Lived in Ohio, and had an Indiana address because the Post Office was on the IN side of the state line. I’m happy to say they’ve now fixed the address thing…if you’re on the OH side you have an OH address. I always thought it was kinda neat to live in one state and receive mail addressed to another.

My High School class is having it’s 50th reunion this spring. Okay, so now I’ve aged myself. Smile

I love to go barefooted in the summer. Even walk on the rocks…albeit, very carefully.

I have 2 cats and 1 little dog. Have to admit I’m more of a cat person than dog person. Probably will never get another dog…on purpose.

I thoroughly enjoy cooking on a wood stove. Often wonder what my grandmothers, or even mom would think of that. It seems they were quite happy to quit using a wood stove for cooking. I enjoy it so much we bought a 2nd smaller wood cook stove to put on the porch for me to use during the summer.

While growing up my one goal was to someday be married and have children. I did achieve that goal. Have been married for 46, nearly 47, years. Have 4 children, 11 grandchildren. AND the first great grandchild is due in May.

Well, I didn’t number them, but I believe that’s 7 items. Amazing, made a list and didn’t even mention that my favorite color is blue. Or that I enjoy dishes that are blue. Fact is, that usually is what I’m looking for when Anne and I go treasure hunting…blue dishes.

For everyone who reads this. Just clipboard/paste the award, put it onto your blog and list 7 things about yourself. The deal is to pass it on to 15 more people. Don’t think I know 15 beyond the ones who have already done this. So this is on the honor system…

I’ve enjoyed reading the things you all have posted about yourselves. Some things I knew, others if you mentioned them I never picked up on it.

That’s all for now.


  1. I remember that blue is your favorite color from when you posted pictures of some dishes you had bought at a sale I think. Blue is my favorite color too.
    I enjoyed learning more about you.

  2. Oh, this was sooo good! Connie, I'm glad you did it and it even shows all the more why the award should be here. Just loved it.
    I'm a blue person, too, and my mother "turned into" a blue person. I remember when she wanted to change off all her dishes to blue, I surprised her on her birthday with tons of them (as in enough for 12 place settings, which is funny when there's just one of you).
    Your wood stove sounds divine. I never would have thought of putting one on the porch for summer cooking but it makes complete sense! I use to have one in the den of my old house years ago. It was especially good during power outages in the winter because not only did it heat the entire house, but I cooked on it, too. The first time was a disaster but I got the hang of it and really liked it.
    Connie, I'm so glad you posted your award :D and I'm so glad I met you and that we are friends. It's a real pleasure :)

  3. I LOVE reading about my friends! I think this is THE award that everyone should have because of course, we are encouraged to share.

    We had a wood stove a hundred years ago. Sure comes in handy. In a way I wish I had one now but it was not me who "operated" it, it was mother, I wouldn't have clue.

    How 'bout some opics of your cats and dog..and of the kitchen? Purty please? With cream and sugar on it?

  4. 46 years together? Wow, congratulations.

  5. When I was young my Grandparents with whom I lived, had a small coal heater and I loved it. Of course Dad, my Grandfather, got it going before we got up.
    %0th reunion makes us about the same age.
    I enjoyed reading about you.