Monday, January 17, 2011

Wash day…

Laundry is all washed and hanging up to dry. It will be ready to fold in the morning. Don’t ask me why I do laundry on Monday, because I can’t tell you. It’s just become a habit that I rarely vary. A little over a year ago I started hanging things on racks to dry in the house. Just out of curiosity to see how much electricity it would save. It cut our bill by 25%, so I felt it was something worth continuing. Of course, in the summer I hang things outside. For winter I have 2 drying racks plus 2 lines up in the multi purpose room, known as the 2nd bedroom without a bed. It’s a sewing room, play room, storage room, TV room, guest room (futon), and drying room. Smile Now whether it’s a guest room or not depends on who is staying. If it’s the kids or the grandkids that’s the room they use. If it’s someone who has a hard time with using an air mattress, then Garry and I sleep in there and let them have our room.

Today has been somewhat rainy. With the temperature in the 40F degree range. We don’t mind not having more snow.

The birds finished ‘off’ their feeder today. I have one filled and ready to put out in the morning. They are 5# feeders. Which means 10 days to go through 50# of sunflower seeds. At $25 per bag that’s $75 per month. Better than the $150 per month, but still a bit pricy. I’m thinking maybe I’ll acquire one of those tube feeders with perches for 6 birds and see what happens…haven’t decided for sure.

The four grandchildren spent some time here today. I was repotting some house plants, so the 3 younger ones entertained themselves by cutting and gluing paper. Made envelopes and just cut and glued for the fun of doing so. After I finished the plants we put puzzles together. I have several 25 piece puzzles that the 4 year old enjoys doing. The 9 year old and I worked on one a bit more challenging…100 pieces. It’s small enough to be finished and put away before they go home. The 7 year old helped, too. The nearly (10 days) 14 year old likes to read, so she did that. Anyway, it was rather nice to have them for a while.

Tomorrow I need to bake some bread. We are nearly out. I usually make 4 loaves and put 3 into the freezer. I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll make 3 loaves and use the rest of the dough for pizza. Pizza just sounds pretty good.

Okay, I’m quitting for this time. Have a good whatever time of day it is for you!  NoteRed rose

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  1. I found a drying rack at Walmart which I put together with grit and determination. It costs me $1.50 a load to wash and 75 cents to dry. The clothes are never completely dry after the dryer cycle, thus the purchase of the drying rack. You are a very thrifty lady!
    It is raining here now & the temp is 36 degrees. I hope I don't wake up to ice in the morning.

  2. You are very clever lady that make sense to used
    unused room for drying the clothes:-)
    it always nice to read about your grandchildren
    when you having a good time with them but I bit after they going home you would feel lonely?
    Keep warm and take care.

  3. I loved to make bread once upon a time but I have lost the knack..and the recipe but most of all, the knack after not doing so for so long. It's a shame. I used to make 3, 4 loaves of whole wheat bread every week. the kids called it " taste good" instead of bread. :-)

    My feeder hold 5 pounds but my birds take about 10 days to eat it down to about 6 inches showing in the tube. I use sunflower hearts instead of the whole sunflowers. One, it makes an awful mess on the grass under the feeder if I use the whole seeds instead of the hearts and shows them down a bit.

  4. Well, I'll be. I just learned something from Carole I never knew: sunflower HEARTS! Wish I'd known that for the last year or so. She's right; under the feeders is a mess of hulls.
    Connie, I never knew the dollar amt of savings on the dryer, but that is REALLY good to know. I started drying all delicate type things (not just underwear) in the bathroom about a year ago. Of course, I'm lucky since no one else sees all that stuff hanging up to dry. After reading your savings, I think I'll go back to drying lots more things on the rack in the bathroom instead of in the dryer. GREAT info!

  5. Hi Connie. I absolutely love air dried clothes. I really wish I had one of those round clotheslines for the yard , They take a small amount of space and not unsightly at all. I had to stop hanging up clothes on a regular clothesline, because our yard is over run with trees. What with tree sap and bird poop, it just wasn't working. I could find a spot or two for the round type !Meanwhile , I have a dryer and two drying racks .

  6. Sounds like you have a busy, but awesome life. I admire any one that can bake their own bread and make their own pizza.

  7. Connie, if you see this, go to my page and pick up the Stylish Blogger Award. Just right click it and "save as" then post it onto your page. I hate that the so-called rules said to pass it to 15. Nuts. Like I said in my post, it should go to everyone as a pay it forward and a way to get to know each other better. So I'm passing it on to you :D