Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday all day

Today has been one of those dreary gray days except for a few moments when the sun peeked out. The sun showed just enough to tantalize us into thinking we were going to have sunshine. The temperature was in the low 60’s. It was quite windy. I did laundry, but decided to hang it inside because of the wind. I’ve had clothes ‘torn’ off the line on a windy day. And it just didn’t appeal to me to have to rewash OR mend anything.

Saw a picture of a wringer washer that reminded me of when I used to use one. It was quite an adjustment going from an automatic to a wringer. Water, or lack thereof, was the main reason. I did finally manage to acquire a front loading washer which used considerable less water than a top loader. Was I ever thankful for it. At one house we lived there was no water on the property. There was a large cistern that held around 2000 gallons. We had a 500 gallon tank, so hauled water from town to fill the cistern. The winter was the hardest as we couldn’t always get the tank up our driveway and close to the cistern for dumping. Needless to say, we learned to conserve water.

Someone posted a video on Facebook this morning. I thought some of you, especially the cat lovers would enjoy it. I think it’s adorable.

Patty cake


  1. That was so cute, these day on you Tube shows,they used an animal pictures though the technology can do so many things.
    It seems our friends were same a bad weather and in here as same as 60C-70C in still in summer weather...I have had enough rains this year...
    And only February...
    Thank you for sharing lovely Video Connie:-)
    Have a nice day.

  2. The video is so cute.Back to being cold and miserable in Illinois again. Come on Spring.

  3. I saw that video a month or so ago and I loved seeing it again! Those boys were hilarious!

    I would love to have a front loader moolah and the top loader I have will have to do till it dies. :-)