Thursday, February 24, 2011

CSN Store Giveaway

Just thought I’d give you all a link to my daughter’s blog where she is ‘hosting’ a one-time-use $70 gift certificate to use at CSN Stores. I was just looking at all the things they have to offer. One of her requests was to leave a comment with what you’d use the gift certificate for (although you can always change your mind). There are just so many things that it’s really difficult deciding upon any one thing. I looked at a lot of things, still don’t know what I would buy if I win. So go decide what you could use that $70 gift certificate for, then visit Anna’s blog and tell her. You might even consider following her on Twitter and tweeting the giveaway link…I have to figure out how to do that. Smile Mentioning it in your blog is worth 5 entries. It would sure be neat if one of you won.

Today has been a rainy day. It started raining about 4 this morning, then continued a good part of the day. Right now we’re in a break then another deluge is coming. Our area sure needs the rain as we are several inches behind normal. The last Garry heard it was still 4 inches behind, so this rain may catch us up to at least our normal amounts. Whether it brings the water table back up to normal, I don’t know.

The girls, Snickers and Precious have been being quite the nuisance at night lately. It is so funny how they both get up from wherever they’re sleeping when I start getting ready for bed. They’ll follow me from room to room, or sit in the hallway watching. THEN as soon as the light is out and I’m in bed they start running up and down the hallway, jumping onto the furniture (hear the chairs rock) and wrestling. Thankfully they don’t continue too long. Then along about 4:30 to 5:00 in the morning they’re apt to start up again. If I walk into the room where they are, both will hide from me. Silly girls!!


Snickers on the left and Precious on the right.


Okay, it’s time for you to mosey on over to Anna’s and enter for the CSN Stores giveaway.


  1. Hi Connie,
    You can gave our rains for as much you likes:-)
    because we having floods everywhere....

    Two catts are very cute and I bet much quiet than
    your grandchildren but they are precious aren't they?
    Have a nice day,

  2. Sorry You can gave.. We can give our rains:-)

  3. We are now about 3 inches behind. The thunder and lightening and HORRIBLE high winds were so bad last night, the wind alone woke me up. It was scary sounding. I thought the siding might come off the house. I haven't walked around outside yet to see.

    We don;t have a CSN store here around me at all. :-( but looking at Snickers and Precious more than makes up for that disappointment. Kisses to them both--- and thundering herd feet are music to my ears..even in the night time. The ol' girl wasn't doing anything for so long, I will tolerate whatever abuse she hands out. :-)

  4. I will surely check out your daughters blog.
    You brought back memories of pattering feet thundering down the hallway and down the wooden steps ;-) Your kitties are soooo cute!

  5. Me?? I'm ready for Spring.
    I invite you to follow me back.