Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain and Video

Today is a rainy day. Thankfully it’s not storming or even windy. It’s just raining. Smile

Garry and I just watched a video that I’m sure some of you would enjoy. It’s about Hummingbirds showing things about them I never knew. Here’s a little bit about the actual film…this lasts around 9 minutes. For some reason I had difficulty locating the video on their site, so here’s the link to save you the same frustration. It takes a bit to load. At first I thought it wasn’t going to unless I agreed to donate, so be patient. AND enjoy seeing those amazing little creature up close. It runs approximately 50 minutes.

Here’s a photo of my Hummingbird vine, also know as Cardinal Climber from last summer. Figured since I was on the subject of hummers it’d fit.



  1. Looking at your vine makes me so homesick. I did not think to bring any seeds with me. Your vine looks beautiful.

  2. It was a beautiful video of the Hummingbirds Connie that I really enjoyed watchs in the sunday morning in here thank you for sharing.
    The wild film makers done a good jobs:-)
    your vine looks beautiful too.
    We don't have Hummingbirds in Australia but I'm sure heaps of other birds.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Connie, thank you for the offer. I am in an apt now with no where to plant these. If I ever decide to buy a house I will let you know. :-)

  4. I feed my hummingbirds each year. A month from now, the first male will be here. I love them so much. Love the video and the hummingbird vine too. ♥

  5. checking in on you...the Admiral did also I see. :-)

  6. I’m just checking back to see if you have posted anything new. My invitation to follow my blog remains open.