Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Monday

Today has been a chilly and rainy day. I don’t think the temperature got above the mid 40’s. And with the dampness it just felt cold. Even my grandchildren who tend to go barefooted and in short sleeves whenever it’s above freezing told me it was cold today. We kept a fire going in the stove all day.  It felt good to stand close to the stove and just soak up that warmth. Here’s a photo of the stove I enjoy cooking on. That’s a pot of chili sitting on it cooking…was a few weeks ago.


Today I cooked a pot of beans on it. Then made cornbread muffins baked in the wood stove oven. Made for a yummy supper.

Anne and I are planning on going treasure hunting on Wednesday. We’ve been trying to go once a month. This Wednesday is to be a beautiful day weather wise…sunny and 65 degrees.

It is sure looking a lot like spring around here. The daffodils have been blooming. Didn’t realize I had so many until they started blooming. I need to thin some of them and plant in other spots. The yellow of the daffodils is so cheery after a cold, gray winter. The lilacs are leafing out. Noticed growth started on the roses. The phlox are growing, also the blue flax, dianthus, cat mint, mums, salvia, irises, and a number of others whose names won’t come to me. When we have a sunny day and I’m home, I need to take some pictures.



  1. The daffodils are gorgeous! My sis in WV is telling me about all of the flowers and shrubs coming to life there. Nothing coming to life here, not even a dandelion.
    Loved the pictures!

  2. Oh I am crazy about each ONE of these pictures! I have a similar number of things blooming but that stove...hah cha chaaaa!

  3. your daffodils bright up in the cold weather.
    as you said your grandchildren feel cold it must be very cold?
    I like the your stove and I can smell your yummy supper ....

  4. A wood burning stove... What memories...Yeast buscuits my aunt would make for breakfast filling the cabin with the aroma that was so good to wake up to as a youngster. Thanks for sharing.

    Come look my blog over sometime.

  5. How are you doing, girlfriend??

  6. Just checking back to read any postings you may have written.