Friday, April 15, 2011

Just a quick note


This is just to let you know I’m still around. I had planned on writing tonight. Then started trying to change the set up on here. It was just taking more time than I liked, especially since I’m a bit of a computer illiterate. Finally decided to let the picture stay as it is even though I’m not happy with it. I don’t want it behind the title, yet if I select any other setting the title disappears. So for now it is what it is. I took the picture a couple days ago. We have been seeing these Tiger Swallowtails around quite a lot.

Things have sure changed around here the past couple weeks. The Redbuds are nearly through blooming. The dogwoods still look beautiful, but appear to be fading somewhat. Trees are leafing out. Our maple is putting out lots of bloom, so I’ll be sweeping the deck regularly for a while. Smile All of the green is such a welcome sight. It has also been warmer…a few days even felt like summer. This week is cooler. Today it rained most of the day. Right now we’re in a break between storms. The second one is forecast as being stronger, so we’ll see. We’re beginning to hear thunder from the distance.

We’ve seen these beauties the past 3 days…Rose-breasted Grosbeak. They show up as they migrate through our area. Haven’t seen a female yet.IMG_2406

  Caught this guy in the Chestnut Oak. Not real clear, but I kinda liked it anyway. And, yes, it’s raining. That didn’t stop the birds.


Also wanted to share my gorgeous May Night Salvia that’s beginning to bloom. That’s Garry’s workshop to the right. Our house to the left.


That’s enough as I’m still hearing thunder. Not real close yet, but… We like to unplug things when ever there’s lightening and thunder close. Losing one computer on the farm (our sons) was enough for us to learn. Smile

Bye for now.


  1. Hi Connie,
    The photos are gorgeous,ALL of THEM, I wonder why you said not happy about your space?
    The butterfly in your garden?
    I thinking about you because these day we are talking about the Royal wedding and your favorites color is Royal blue:-)
    Nice to seen you in here.
    Hope you have a sunny day.

  2. The photos are all beautiful. You see such lovely things in the country that are not here in town. We had bad weather last night and were under a tornado warning for a while. We were very lucky.

  3. Your blog is beautiful with the photos. You sure could teach me coz I'm sure lacking in computer know-how.
    We sure had bad weather yesterday and some places in our state got tornadoes, blessed again. I unplug my toy too.

  4. Girl! The title and the picture could NOT be better!!! PLEASE don't change it. It's gorJUSS!

    Our Dogwood blossoms are almost all on the ground right now. Redbuds are done. Oaks are spreading that horrible bright yellow pollen that coats everything. Maples are unfurling their leaves..everything is doing well. The lilacs are still full.

    That guy said that insulation was, what was it? 150.00 or more a ROLL?
    I am on stand by as I would need like 3 1/2 rolls. (small house 1040 sq. ft.)

    I am still fanning myself from that shock. Never heard the labor costs.

  5. Oh and I have seen exactly on Rose Breasted Grosbeak..last year. YOur cardinal looks like..totally grouchy!

  6. What you do is take your photo into photoshop and add your title there. That way you can place it anywhere you like, change the color so it's visible, add some effects, etc. Then you save that and use it for your header, which by the way is gorgeous. Then, you can change the settings and display the image 'instead of' the title.

    Our grass has turned green, and the baby's breath is coming up, but it snowed here today. We'll have spring eventually.

  7. Redbuds blooming here still. Your photos are awesome. The Cardinal seems to be having an attitude. But then again it is raining heh.