Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another day

Today has been cooler and cloudy. We even heard some thunder, enough that we unplugged the computers. Rather be safe than sorry. One of our sons had the mother board 'fried' as a result of lightening a few years back. I really don't care to deal with that.

We did receive a little rain today. The ground is just powdery dry, so we definitely need rain. Tomorrow is  a higher chance, so hopefully.

I took some cuttings from my Plumbago this morning and put them into water. Probably need to plant them into the starting soil fairly soon. I have so enjoyed that plant. The blue flowers are so beautiful. It has made me smile whenever I've looked out the back door at it. Also, it has NOT looked wilty in spite of the dryness. All good points in it's favor.

Yesterday the 4 year old granddaughter sure made my day. I was at her house.  She was busy drawing a picture of what looked to be a little girl and a woman. When finished she presented it to me telling me it was for me. Then asked if I knew who it was. I suggested it was her and her mommy. She said, no, it's you and me. Man, did I ever about dissolve into a puddle...so precious. The picture is now hanging on my refrigerator. You should have seen her smile when she saw it there today.

We have to keep our Snickers cat in the house all the time now. She climbs trees and onto our house. Then she can't get down. I always figured if a cat could get up a tree they could get down. Apparently not so...they are terrified. Cats have been known to become so weak from lack of food that they fall from the tree. Or just die, then fall. Not a pretty picture. The last time she climbed a tree, a neighbor happened to hear her and had a grandson ask if Mammaw's cat was missing. When I stepped outside, I could hear her and the terror in her voice. Garry came home about then, so he went after her. As soon as he was close enough she jumped onto his shoulder for the ride down. Unfortunately, when she got to the ground, the grandchildren's dog chased her and up another tree she went. Garry managed to rescue her again with the children holding their dog this time. We decided we didn't want our cat to disappear with us wondering if she was stuck up a tree. Plus Garry seems to think he's really too old to be climbing trees, especially so high. Since that time way back in the summer she has been an inside cat. And seems quite content, not even asking to go outside unless we're out, then she wants to be with us. 

Probably enough for this time. I haven't been able to connect this blog with Live Writer for some reason. It starts, then has some error that I don't understand. I may try upgrading to the newest version of LW and see if that makes a difference.


  1. I keep my cats in all of the time 'cause that way, assuming pet sitters don't bring them in, she's flea-less and I don't have to worry about wild animals attacking her. So Snickers is going to be fine after an adjustment time. :-)

    Dry here too but you guys have it worse.

  2. Connie, so glad to see you here, a good place to be. That was so sweet of your G-Daughter and it made her day too when you hung the picture on the fridge. I felt sorry for Snickers, maybe she'll be content inside.

  3. All grand Mum's are loved our grand childrens:-)
    they are so sweeti though even they has been a
    naughty sometime:-)
    used to be my dog has bitten by the cat because
    he was sniffed in a little holes the neighbors fence that I still remember for after all the years.
    hope your Snickers look after herselves:-)