Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Raining

Rain hitting the roof is a wonderful I'm enjoying as I type this. Yesterday we received nearly .10 inch of rain. It almost settled the dust. We are really dry here. Today they put us under a 'no burn notice'....absolutely no burning of any kind.

Isn't the rescue of the miners in Chile great news! We watched some of it. Saw the last one brought up. I can't imagine what it would be like to be underground that long. Just pray they'll all recover totally from their ordeal.

Speaking of things hitting the roof. We have several oak trees close to the house and quite frequently hear acorns hit the roof this time of year. It amazes me how loud it sounds on the roof, then it rolls off onto the deck with a little 'ping'.

Today I finally did the bread I was planning to do yesterday that didn't happen. I made 2 batches of bread into 32 hamburger buns. We had a couple for supper tonight...pretty tasty...without hamburgers. I had made soup and that fresh bread just seemed ideal to go with it. It was good.



  1. I LOVE home made soup. I froze some of the last pot a couple of weeks ago and had it yesterday. NUMMY. I haven't made bread for awhile. You may have helped me with the impetus to make some.

    Your dry is like ours was 3 years ago.

  2. I am glad you are enjoying to hear a great sound a wonderful rains that I wish I could said as same as you and I normally enjoy sound of rain
    but if is too much it is not good and we have had a lots of rains, after dry weather for too many years.

    About Chile great news I was very happy to hear this morning hope they recovery quick soon.
    It sound very yummy supper that make me hungry:-)

  3. Love that homemade bread and homemade soup and the rain on the roof. They just go together. I hope those miners do well. I remember those big acorns we had, sounding so loud on the roof.

  4. Connie, this is in reference to the calender on WP. Click on Widgets and you will see it in all the other Widgets that they allow. From there it's easy, believe it or not, I mean placing their

  5. homemade bread sounds wonderful - great idea - will get started on it as soon as i get the coffee down and the eye lids up.HUGS

  6. Homemade soup and hot bread. I love it.
    Still no rain here for several weeks now and it is very dry. Heavy frost on my car this morning.

  7. The soup sounds good! I made a loaf of whole wheat bread today, and had some dough left. I made two large hamburger buns, and daughter and I had hamburgers.Ummmmmmm.............Love you picture of the hen. I used to raise chickens, and sure miss it. (Live on a bayou...too many cottonmouths....)