Monday, October 25, 2010

Updated Live Writer

Finally I was able to link Live Writer to Blogspot. Still not sure what the problem was, as the error message made no sense to me. Now I have to figure how to use this newer version. I was used to the older one and found things easily. With this one I’m hunting for things…at least for now. Reckon that will change.

We had rain last night. Nearly an inch. Tomorrow we’ll be under a wind advisory for a while. We had heard this was a much stronger system, so we’ll see. We are needing rain so badly, that the .9 received last night won’t last long. I’m sure the ground just soaked it up like a dry sponge. Everything looked so fresh and bright this morning. Didn’t realize how dusty everything was, although I should have known.

Today I canned some chicken. We had some old hens that weren’t really paying their way anymore. Garry dressed 4 of them. I cooked, deboned and put into jars. Ended up with 9 pints of meat and 9 quarts of broth. That is my version of instant food. Open a jar of chicken and one of broth, add rice, or for a quicker meal, pasta.   Our layers are now down to 6 pullets just starting to lay and 2 hens that were raised last year. We also kept one old hen that both of us have decided deserves to be kept. She is the only one left of the original hens Garry bought about 5 years ago. Have no clue if she is laying, although she does look healthy.

Snickers has become more like my ‘old’ Snickers since we’ve been keeping her inside. She seems to want attention a lot…jumps on my lap about every time I sit down. She will even sit on my shoulders if the dog is in my lap. It’s just amazing that she’ll be that close to him.  As I’m typing this she decided it was time to be closer, so she’s at my shoulders. Rather hard for her to jump into my lap when the laptop is sitting on it. Smile Oh, she just shifted into purr…something about a purry kitty is so comforting.

Well, perhaps this is enough to find out if this thing will work okay. I’m sure it will. I just need to learn how to use it. It’s bedtime here, or nearly so.


  1. Isn't that the truth. When my cat is purring..even if it isn't...all's right with the world. That is music to my ears.

    I love that you are letting the old hen live because she deserves to. made my evening all the sweeter. I have a soft spot for hens anyway..go figure.

    LOVED the Scrabble hints. I wrote them down for when he comes at me again!!! :-)

  2. The new live writer did take me awhile to get used to.I like most of it after I figured out how to get word press loaded on it.

  3. It seems that Snickers is grateful for being inside. I love hearing Kassey purr, so peaceful.I think about putting the new Writer on my new laptop( windows 7), but I wonder how writer will work when I'm on my WXP desktop, maybe cause

  4. Iam glad you can used live write that I believe in much easir to loaded on your space WP or in here.
    It takes a lots of time to do it? until you know what you are doing:-)
    I still have problems at WordPress, this blog spot are easir for me.
    Well if you want to keep up to your friends we better do it:-)
    Take care,

  5. Well I am so glad you are getting things figured out. That canned chicken does sound delicous. We started off with 25 meat chicks last April and butchered some thru-out the summer. A couple weeks ago we butchered the last 4. 3 were chickens and they had started laying even but being meat birds I know they wouldn't lay that well. We had one meat rooster left and he weighed out at 9 lbs. I think I will use him for Christmas dinner. Take Care Carrie