Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red Hen and More

After telling you about the hen who has earned her residency here. I thought perhaps a picture would be in order. Now taking a picture wasn’t exactly as easy as I had hoped. There are some other animals, known as goats, who share the pen with the chickens. Or is it the chickens who share the pen with the goats? Either way, they’re both in the same pen. And the goats seem to think the only reason I’d go out there would be to see them. So here’s a couple pictures to show you.

This is Zoe, who just didn’t seem to understand it wasn’t her I wanted to take a picture of. After all, why would I want the chicken when I could have her?!? She thought the camera was for her…if I walk to the fence with something in my hands, then, of course, that’s what it is. Silly critter.

IMG_1241Then here’s Brownie trying to see what I might have. With Joe-Joe, the buck we borrowed from a neighbor to ‘visit’ with our girls, trying to get as close as he feels comfortable. Thankfully he isn’t a super friendly goat because he has an odor about him that I don’t care to have on me.  Winking smile  The goats were quite good at staying between me and the chickens. The chicken I want a picture of is between Joe-Joe and Brownie.

Finally the goats lost interest, so I was able to take a picture of the chicken I wanted. We don’t even know if she is laying, just that both of us feel she has earned her residency to live out her life on the farm. She is at least 6 years old.  In the spring of 2005, Garry bought her as a young pullet along with 10 others plus a rooster. The rooster was mean…would attack either one of us…, so he went into some yummy chicken and noodles.

 Hope everyone is having a good week. Garry and I went into Glasgow this morning. He wanted some wire for running electricity to his workshop. And I wanted to return something to Walmart and see what else I might need. I had a list, that other than some clearance things for the OR granddaughters, I pretty much stuck to. So now I need to get a package ready to send to them. It’s hard having them so far away. Sammi is nearly 1 year old and beginning to walk. Amber is 5 and has started the adventure of school. Mikayla is 3, and finally has decided to use the big potty. That is a major event that both Amber and Mikayla had to tell me about last time I talked with them. I just wish they were a lot closer. I always say the girls need me, but perhaps it’s a bit that I need them.

It’s turning colder here. Still doesn’t feel too bad during the day with the sunshine. We’ve been having a fire in the stove part of the time…mostly mornings to take the chill off things. I still haven’t switched summer and winter clothes. That’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Also to take the quilt off our bed and put the comforter on. Since I’ll be washing sheets tomorrow it’ll be a good time to do it.

Enough for this time. Hope it is well with all of you.


  1. HI! I love the in yer face goat photo. The chicken photo wasn't there, awe. I had ah wiff of some breed of goat (male) an hoowee stink! Hormones I guess. My friend (in WI) has Nubian goats and are so gentle and friendly and wonderful milk too. Turning colder here too and I have my electric blanket on my bed ;-) Glad I finally got to your blog. I really like the 'look' Brownie is giving you!

  2. I really enjoyed this post Connie learning about your animals.
    I have had the furnace running for quite some time now and the weatherman on TV said we might see a snowflake next week. Too early for that for me.

  3. A couple of photos wasn't there? hope will be back again though you have a lots of effort to put it them up I feel sorry for you.
    You said that wish your G-children live closer to you that I understand 100% Connie:-)
    We both lucky to have nice family and spicially
    cute G-Kids:-)
    Please take care don't do too much at once:-)

  4. Sorry about the pictures. I have no idea why they weren't there. I've added them again, so hopefully they're actually there this time.

  5. I really enjoyed this, cute photos. The chicken looks sweet.

  6. I loved the photos and the blog. Matter of fact I am still grinning over the blog. I LOVED your hen. I have a things about chickens, love them to death. I think I said that when you said in the last blog that she earned her right to live out her life. That made me smile and I appreciated reading that kindness.

    This whole blog just put a rising smiling sun over my head here at almost 10 at night! :-) Thank you. :-)

  7. I enjoyed seeing your barnyard animals. My hubby used to get attached to some of our old chickens as well. But since we go south and have to take our chickens to a friends for the winter we just can't keep anything anymore unless it is productive. We had one rooster for 12 years. Every winter we had to find a new place that would take him because he would fight with all other resident roosters and would become king of the coup in no time. Hugs Carrie

  8. I love seeing pictures of your animals. Gosh all of them look like they have such unique personalities! I'll bet it's a lot of work caring for all of them but so much fun too!

  9. Connie, thanks for coming by to see me. Always a great pleasure to see you.