Sunday, November 28, 2010


It’s amazing what you find when you really aren’t looking. About 3 weeks ago Anne and I went on a treasure hunt. The first one in a very long time. My intent was to go with her and just enjoy the day. There wasn’t anything I had in mind to look for specifically, or even anything I felt I needed. We stopped at our usual places. As always I shop by color. There’s no sense looking through a rack of clothes if the colors I like aren’t there. So I’m good at circling racks, moving things slightly, if packed, to see what colors are available. I also do the same for other things, looking primarily for blue anything. Occasionally something catches my eye that isn’t blue. Such as the red (really a rich burgundy) transfer ware sugar dish. Okay, I know most of my dishes are blue. BUT, Garry’s favorite color is red, so I try to have a bit of red around. It goes quite well with the blue. Anyway I saw the sugar dish, liked it, but…we don’t use sugar from a dish, so really didn’t need it. Anne suggested using it for honey. I liked that idea, so… Yep, we have a red transfer ware sugar dish with honey in it.

But I’ve gotten ahead of my story. We, as I said, had gone to our usual places. I’d found a few things such as a blue serving bowl, a shirt for Danny (neighbor), elephant cup and small plate for Garry, some vanilla candles, and a few other things. We had just left a store and were starting down the street, when Anne asked if I wanted to stop by the Restore (Habitat for Humanity). We were almost to it by then. Of course, I was willing. The first thing I spotted was the sugar dish. Then while looking around saw some dishes that matched my china. It included a coffee server, covered vegetable dish, and a clock. Plus 4 each plates, cups, saucers, bread plates and berry bowls. I debated for a bit, then decided to ‘go for it’. So I bought the group.


Garry checked on Ebay to get an idea of prices. I knew the covered vegetable bowl was $35 and felt the coffee server would be at least that much. I had never seen a clock, so had no clue. The clock, on Ebay, with shipping is over $90…doesn’t even claim to work. Mine doesn’t work, but Garry is sure the clockworks can be replaced. The coffee server is anywhere from $35 to $60. And the vegetable bowl is $35. Needless to say I felt pretty good with my purchase of $43.

It felt and looked a whole lot like winter this morning. Always makes me thankful for a warm house. And warm clothes.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving. Danny (neighbor) came and ate with us. It’s just quiet on the farm with just the 3 of us here.  Darryl & Anne and the kids are in NC, with her siblings. So we’re taking care of the critters. Garry isn’t too thrilled with having to milk 2 cows that don’t have very good handles. I’m thrilled with the cream to use in our coffee, to whip, and to make butter. We had real whipped cream on our pecan pie for Thanksgiving. Today I made butter. My guestimate would be a good 1.5#, possibly 2. It will go into the freezer.

Well, it’s about bedtime here, so reckon I should quit for now. I’ll try to write sooner next time.


  1. Sure hope the picture is where it should be this time. Last time Live Writer didn't upload them properly.

  2. You really got an excellent buy on the dishes. They are beautiful!
    Real whipped cream, oh my that sounds so good on pecan pie.

  3. You done well all that a beautiful dishs you bought with clock you can replace the clockworks,
    mine was getting too old but I wanted to keep it
    because my Children gave to me 12 yeras ago.
    Yummy Whipped cream:-)
    You have nice day,

  4. Oh I LOVE your new treasures there. I'm crazy about that kind of thing. And the alive..what a FIND! That alone would have thrilled me.

    I haven't found anything much at all in my Habitat for Humanity but you reminded me..I need to go again. I found a wooden jointed cat there for next to nothing to use as an ornament in my window.

    My Dad used to make me churn butter in a hand turned wooden paddle type thing. As a 12 yr. old, I hated when that duty came around. :-) Her was a butter fiend. He's cut pats and just eat it. (nope, he wasn't heavy).