Monday, November 29, 2010

A beautiful day!

This was the view when I was drinking my first cup of coffee this morning.


We have big windows in our living room that look out over our back yard. It’s pretty much a sun room. Which means it’s warm in the winter and a bit too warm in the summer. Thankfully with all the windows (5), we do have good air circulation in the summer.

Today was laundry day. I was able to hang things outside to dry. Love how they smell when I do that. Now don’t ask why Monday is laundry day…it’s just a habit I’ve gotten into. Sometimes I even do it on Tuesday, just depends on what’s happening around here.

I weighed the butter before putting it into the freezer. It was 1.75 pounds. I still divided it into 8 packages. It seemed too complicated to make 7. Smile Plus not really necessary. Oh, I’d like to have a paddle type butter churn like one of you mentioned. What I do is just shake a jar with cream in it. I’ve learned that it needs to be room temperature and to not fill the jar much over 1/2 full for best (read that as fastest) results.

We’ve been having flocks of Sandhill Cranes going overhead on their way south. I have tried to take pictures, but they just won’t hold still. Can you believe that?


Here’s one of the photos. In Illinois we would always hear and see geese fly south in the fall. The Sandhill Cranes have a very distinctive sound…definitely not geese. Although, some people around here refer to them as geese.

Here’s a video I hope you will all enjoy.




  1. Hi Connie, What a beautiful morning that was. Sounds like a great place to have your coffee. Being in the valley here I don't even see the sun till about 10am now. I have thought about a greenroom off our house but worry about the heat in the summer. I tend to do my work when I feel like it. Some reason that's often on Sunday or for a long time when I was trying to do to much in a week it was called catchup day. Oh all that wonderful milk you got for butter and cream. I would love to have a cow for fresh milk but with having so many animals we can't since we go south in the winter. WE are getting lots of snow now. More then we have had in a few years. So I still have some Kale in the garden buried under snow. But will still be able use it when I want. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  2. That is a beautiful view to drink coffee by. Homemade butter sounds wonderful and fresh milk, nothing compares to it. Sorry I couldn't watch the video, it's my stick, like dial up, no DSL.

  3. Lovely view to watch while you are drinking your coffee.
    I love the video. Thank you for posting it.

  4. I had listen the Christmas song at Beth's and now in here, I thought was very nice all people had beautiful voice that I enjoyed it.
    I used to lived in the big house with big windows
    almost lived in the a Gold fish tank.
    Now I lives in behind the parks which I enjoy very much.
    The butter I used for my toast but nothing likes your:-)
    Enjoy your day,

  5. Connie...if I could I'd show up at the porch door there where you are- with my coffee cup in hand..some homemade bread and ask for some butter for it..I'd share. We'd sit there and look out at all of nature. Sigh. Heavenly.

  6. Greetings from "Way Up North" in Central Kentucky!
    Just stumbled upon your site through Carole's and enjoyed it very much.
    I'm a "city slicker" but, have a 250 acre farm up in Owen County.
    Please stop by and visit my little site sometime.