Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Rainy Day

Sometime last evening it started raining. There was one clap of thunder that made us turn off and unplug our computers and the modem. After the time Darryl’s computer was zapped by lightening we’ve been extra careful. Unplugging when we hear the sound of thunder heading our way. It rained off and on during the night, at times quite heavy. We’re not complaining as our area has been so dry that we really need the rain.

Today has been one of those lazy kind of days. For both of us. There’s just something about the sound of rain on a metal roof that makes you think of reading a book or taking a nap. Or as I did, sit on the couch with my laptop a good part of the day. Tomorrow has to be a more industrious day…will let you all know how it goes. I’m sure I won’t begin to accomplish as much as Toodie. It wears me out just reading her blog. She is an inspiring lady.

Snickers, my old lady cat, has been a nuisance at night lately. Not super bad, just enough that she wakes me up at times. She sleeps during most of the day then is awake and ‘running’ around on toward morning, way before I’m ready to get up. Of course, we won’t discuss when I’m ready to get up.

After visiting a number of other blogs I think it’s time I try to dress mine up. Not tonight, it’s just too close to bedtime to start such a project. Oh, and I won’t be able to tomorrow. Seems there are a few other things around here I need to accomplish. It will happen, just not sure when. My daughter will be here the end of December, perhaps she will help. She builds web pages for pay, so surely she could help her mom dress up a blog site…sounds good to me.

Tomorrow the kids are coming home! I’ll be glad to see those 4 precious grandkids, even if it has been just a week. Will also be good to see their parents. It just isn’t the same around here when they’re gone.

Of course, Garry is looking forward to not having to milk two cows. He’s managed fine, just hasn’t enjoyed their short handles. Our refrigerator is overflowing with milk, even with having given Danny one milking per day. We also have the milk from our goats. One thing I plan to do tomorrow is make a chocolate pudding, or at least attempt to. I haven’t made pudding for a very long time. It’s one way to use some of the abundance of milk. So we’ll see.

Perhaps this is enough for now. See you all tomorrow if things go as planned.


  1. We had the rain all day long yesterday and snow flurries that piled up on the windshield on the car today. so watch out, that is your forecast for tomorrow. ;-)

  2. Rained to beat the band here. A few flurries this morning. I enjoyed them.
    I had a power supply burned out 10 years or so ago..won't forget that either. My computer was fried.

    How old is your old lady cat? Mine is 12. She also speaks up from 6 onward in the morning even if YOU got to bed at 3...she will insist on HER schedule being adhered to. They are creatures of habit and too, the older ones don't feel quite as good and they want company.

  3. Well it seems your country had a lots of rain
    and some place is snowing, I can tell you at present time I have had enough for the rains
    from July it most of time we having AND still go on.

    Your G-children visit you that is good news for G-parents and I am sure all your energy used for them? I love my G-children especially a little one.

    You were wise to turned off the computer in Thundery time.
    enjoy your day,